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Miner Football Families,

The new 2023 Board of Directors are preparing for another great football season this fall.  We wanted to share with you key dates for the 2023 tackle football season.  

Practice will begin the week of July 25th so please plan your summer travel accordingly.  If you have any questions please reach out to Robin Hastings, Registrar @ 

Our Responsibility

Park City Football players, team, coaches, and parents represent our community, their families, and our football program in everything they do and everywhere they go.  We take this responsibility seriously!


  • Safety is the #1 priority 

  • Create a family environment and great football experience

  • Teach character and develop young people through the game

  • Develop player fundamentals and skills

  • Create an environment where players can reach their potential

  • Prepare each player to be ready for High School Football 

  • Compete and win Championships


Registration for the 2023 tackle football season IS NOW OPEN! 

Please use the following link to register:

If you register prior to May 31st, you will receive a $50 discount off the registration fee.  

Donations are always needed! The registration page will have  a spot for donations, but we would ask that, if you’d like to help financially support this program, please reach out to Pete Jones or Janelle Nickell directly to learn how to support your team and our program.    Pete Jones, President @ or Janelle Nickell, Vice President @

2023 Football Key Dates 

February 13th Passing League Registration: Register early it will SELL OUT FAST!

 May 31st PC Youth Football Early Registration deadline: Get $50.00 OFF when you register before this! Please find and make a copy of your child's birth certificate now.  We will need them for all new registrants. 

TBD- Ute Conference 7v7 Tourney (dates and locations TBD)

Sunday, July 23- Equipment Hand out at  PCYF Storage Unit. More info to follow. 1-5pm

Monday, July 24 - Park City Football Golf Tournament: Jeremy Ranch Golf Club. This fundraiser supports High School and Youth Football in Park City

July 25th -- Football Practice Begins. Pre-Season practices will be in the evenings 4x per week and In Season we will have practice 3x per week

August 8 -- Mandatory weigh-ins. Key aspect of Ute Conference safety protocols. No weigh in = no play. 

TBD- - First Pre-Season Scrimmage / Jamboree

 August 19th --  First Regular Season games  every Saturday

October 14th-- UTE Conference 1st round of Playoffs  

November 4th UTE Conference Championship Weekend




Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What equipment do I need to buy for my player?  Answer: You need to provide cleats and a mouthguard  for your player.
  2. What equipment is provided for my player and how do I get it? Answer:  Equipment handout is Saturday, July 22 at Market Place Self Storage (near Home Depot).  Details about equipment handout will be emailed/posted the week of July 17th.  Your player will be given a helmet, shoulder pads, practice pants, game pants and game jerseys.  The game jerseys are yours to keep. Helmet, pads, and pants must be turned in at the end of the season.  Most players practice in a jersey from previous seasons so they can keep their game jerseys clean.  If you don’t have an old jersey you can buy practice jerseys online or can borrow an old jersey from another player. Game jerseys typically are not distributed until right before the first game.
  3. How do I sign up to volunteer? contact Betsy at 
  4. Why does my player need to get weighed?  Answer:  Safety is our top priority in youth football.  As you can imagine, player size varies significantly.  To keep everyone safe, all players are weighed within the first 2-3 weeks of practice.  Players weighing over a specific weight (as designated by the Ute Conference, by age group) are considered “X Men” and are only allowed to play on the line.  Also, players who are light for their age group are allowed to “Z down” and play with a younger age group if they meet the Z-down weight.  Contact your coach for the specific weights for X-men and Z-down for your age group.
  5. How do I find out where and when my player will practice? Answer:  Once coaches have decided the days and times of practice for their specific team, the schedules will be posted in Sports Engine under the “Calendar” tab.  While coaches try to stick to a consistent schedule, especially after school starts, practice times and days may vary from week to week based on coach and field availability.  Your coach or team manager should send out the practice schedule at the beginning of each week, however if you don’t hear from your team manager always refer to the Calendar on this website.
  6. When I have questions throughout the season, who do I ask? Answer:  Always ask your team manager first.  If the team manager doesn’t know the answer he/she will refer you to someone who does.
  7. What is the time commitment?  Answer: Tackle football is a full season commitment.  Practices are NOT optional Unless a player is ill or there is a valid reason, it is important that all players attend practices for their own safety and that of their team members.  We love having new players in youth football, however those of you new to football need to understand that football is a FULL commitment and is not a sport that you can easily balance with another sport in the same season.  You are making a commitment to your coaches and teammates to be at every game.  Leaving at halftime or missing a game to play another sport puts everyone in a bad position.  Missing practices means your player will not get play time.

Register by May 31 to save $50!

Please note that on the Ute Conference site you will be paying $350 to the conference and $25 to Park City. After May 31, you will pay $75 to Park City. The Conference pays for facility rentals, referees, insurance, etc. If anyone would like to request a scholarship, please email our Registrar,


Our Mission

Objectives of the Park City District shall be the following:

A.      To build healthy bodies and minds.

B.       To develop skill and proficiency in football and related activities.

C.       To teach concepts of teamwork, sportsmanship, loyalty, honesty and pride.

D.      To stimulate community interest in sports.

E.       To have fun.

F.        To do all of these things with the welfare of the youngsters first and foremost, without adult ambition for personal glory.

Pete Jones

Park City Miners Youth Football

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